Rental Terms & Conditions

  • § 1 Rental Period

Customers can select rental durations of 1 week, 1 month, or 3 months for our couture pieces. Upon the conclusion of the rental period, customers have to return the garment.


  • § 2 Damage and Signs of Use

In the event of returning a rented piece in a damaged condition or showing signs of use, customers are required to report such instances promptly to An assessment will be conducted to determine if the reported damage exceeds normal wear and tear.

Assessment: team Flora Miranda will evaluate the reported damage.

Charges: Significant damage may result in additional charges.

Resolution: Fair and transparent handling of damages will be employed, utilizing applicable insurance if present. Minor scratches and normal signs of use will be treated free of charge upon return. 


  • § 3 Return Process

To initiate the return of rented pieces, customers are required to follow these steps:


Packaging: Securely pack the rented garment in its original packaging, ensuring it is adequately protected for transport.


Shipping: Affix appropriate postage to the parcel and send it to the address provided by Flora Miranda on the original packaging. 


Tracking: It is strongly recommended to use a trackable shipping method to monitor the return shipment's progress.


Upon receiving the returned item, Flora Miranda will conduct an assessment to determine any damages or signs of use, and the resolution process will be initiated accordingly.

  • § 4 Cancellation Policies

If a customer wishes to cancel an order that has not yet been processed, they can do so by contacting with the following information:

"I hereby terminate the contract and withdraw from the purchase of the following order:

Order ID:

Date of order:

Date of receipt:



Date of withdrawal:

Once an order has been processed, cancellation is no longer possible, and shipping will proceed. 


    • § 4 Limitations of Liability in Rental Agreements

Liability for damages to rented couture pieces is limited to instances of gross negligence or willful intent. Flora Miranda shall not be held responsible for damages caused during the normal use of the rented garments. The customer is responsible for promptly reporting any damages or signs of use to facilitate fair assessment and resolution.